Wellness Clinic, Naperville TMS

                           Psychiatry and Counseling for you and those you love.

                       Located conveniently in Naperville Illinois near I-88.

               Confidential, tailored practice for those looking for a non corporate experience.

      Intimate, discreet practice ideal for medical professionals, executives, children and                       those requiring the utmost in personal service, quality and privacy. 

We can't change the direction of the wind,

but we can change the sail.


Wellness Clinic, Naperville TMS

1220 Iroquois Ave, Suite 207

Naperville, Il, 60563


Confidential Phones to schedule TMS consultation only:

(626) 372-3689 -Christine Rawlings; TMS Coordinator

(630) 886-5770-Dr  Barbara Benton

(866) 415-1201 - TMS fax

Confidential Email: NapervilleTMS@wellnessclinicltd.com

Dr Benton is pleased to offer in-office Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), a safe, non-medication treatment for depression. TMS is appropriate for patients whose depression has not responded to medication, cannot or choose not to take medication. Dr Benton has been proud to offer this life saving depression treatment to the western suburbs of Chicago since 2012. She is the western suburbs longest TMS provider. 

The Wellness Clinic offers personalized options for your therapy, counseling, and psychiatric needs with clinicians sharing a collaborative, yet independent environment under one roof. These individual clinicians, all independant contractors, provide a tailored approach to achieving your goals with their invididual style, while having the unique opportunity to collaborate. Dr. Benton understand how frustrating navigating an increasingly corporate medical system is and refuses to compromise her integrity and values to participate in this system. 

Full Time Office Space is available. Please contact Dr. Benton

(630) 886-5770


For newsletters, success stories, Dr Benton's experiences and relieable information regarding TMS, Depression and the disorders that often accompany it


Dr Benton is achieving a 71% significant improvement rate and a 30% remission rate from major depression.

Barbara Benton MD

Longest TMS Provider for the Western Suburbs of Chicago.

Founding member of International Society of TMS Providers